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Dec 29, 2012 8:00pm EST
for stepping in on such short notice you published the seminal work study on the hockey stick. tell us what the hockey stick is. >> it is not a sport. it is a curve that my co- authors and i published a few years ago. we had eight century of widespread thermometers around the world. we had to turn to what we call proxy data. it is to piece together how the clement buried in the more distant past. while it was relatively warm about a thousand years ago, the recent warming exceeded anything we have seen in the last thousand years. and it was featured in the summary for policymakers in 2001. when it became an icon in climate change, we saw the need to try to discredit this graph. indeed they saw discrediting me as a way of trying to do that. many have been vilified for the work the bayh done. i was all -- the work that they have done. i was also vilified. i was a involuntary an accidental public figure. i was put in the limelight in the way that our detractors have tried to put me in the limelight. i will try to take a vantage of that. the book was part of my effort to do that. >> catherine, y
Dec 29, 2012 11:30pm EST
work them up into a frenzy about the threats of theocracy. you use the comparison of iran. good lord. we are so far from any possible menace of religious orthodoxy. try to have a prayer at a high- school football game in texas. there is zero grounds. i do not see it. nor do i think in the members of the religious right, and i know many of them, any desire to tyrannize. they went into politics because they felt they were attacked. they want to be left alone. [applause] >> i appreciate you as a voice of reason. [inaudible] my question is more about historical and interpretation. what do think it keeps us so deeply in our ongoing philosophy of what democracy should be? >> that is a separate question. there are two in my ignorance. the continental french enlightenment and the british enlightenment. they differ radically. the british enlightenment was empirical and temperate. the french enlightenment was severe. one gave rise to be glorious revolution and eventually the american revolution. the french enlightenment gave rise to the french revolution and a blood bath. this sounds like a ph
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2